Article 32 Hearing Transcript

Posted on September 20, 2010

Click here to read for yourself what really happened in Iraq that led the Marines to charge Ilario Pantano with murder.

This is a nearly 800-page document and takes some time to read thoroughly, so here are some highlights:

  • Direct Examination of Officer on Bridge – p. 55
    • Pantano returned after shooting and told him about the sign “No Better Friend No Worse Enemy” he placed over the bodies – p. 61
    • Officer called Pantano’s actions “unprofessional” and “inappropriate” – p. 61
  • Direct Examination of Field Messman – p. 88
    • Detainees were scared the whole time and never acted in a threatening manner; it was weird the way the Iraqis were shot on their knees and facing the car – p. 123
  • Direct Examination of corpsman who had enormous respect of Lt. Pantano – p. 133
    • Searched the car himself and didn’t find any weapons – p. 139
    • Searched the car for a second time, the most extensive search of a car he had ever done, and found no weapons – p. 143-144
    • Although there were no weapons in the car, Pantano orders detainees to be unhancuffed and placed back in car – p. 145
    • Detainees flinch, and Pantano shoots them in the back with two full M-16 magazine clips – p. 146
    • When radio operator rushes to the scene concerned, corpman’s reaction is “The blood is not on your hands, it’s on Lt. Pantano’s.” – p. 150
    • No one re-searches the vehicle for weapons after the shooting – p. 155
    • M-16 set on single-burst setting – p. 192
    • Protocol is to keep detainees separated and not to put them together to keep them from talking; Pantano violated it – p. 203
    • Only saw rounds striking detainees in the backs – p. 205
  • Direct of Corpsman on sub-team with Pantano – p. 307
    • The bullet entry wounds were in the back of the detainees – p. 314