If I show you mine…

Posted on September 24, 2010


Jill Pantano posing in 1983 Robert Mapplethorpe photograph for Vogue


Ilario and Jill Pantano aren’t afraid to shed some clothing for the camera.

As a model, Jill posed for Robert Mapplethorpe, the controversial artist who proudly created homosexual, erotic works and attempted to get public funding for them.

In a documentary he helped produce in 2008, Ilario encourages all to take a look at his tattoos.

But the transition to life in the South hasn’t been completely peachy for the Pantanos and definitely isn’t “posh” enough for Jill. At that time, Ilario was only earning around (WAIT!) $50,000 a year.  When asked about her life in Wilmington by The New Yorker in 2005, Jill said her friends told her “they wouldn’t be able to handle her new life.

“We had a cushy life there. What choice do I have?” (Since the interview, the Mayfaire shopping center was built close to their house, so maybe now she’s a little happier and less ashamed of her Southern life).

And perhaps Ilario looks so angry in this picture because he’s still mad about being charged with murdering two Iraqis in 2004, after he unloaded two full magazines into their backs while they were on their knees and searching a car under his orders.  While awaiting his Article 32 hearing (where, among other violations of Marine protocol, he was reprimanded for his desecration of human corpses), his words, as reported by The New Yorker, were: “I can hardly fucking concentrate. I can hardly fucking see.”


Pantano posing for his documentary "Warriors...In their Own Words"


From the looks of these pictures, seeing the Pantanos isn’t the problem.  Seeing them as the next couple to represent Southeastern NC values in Washington, DC, however, is.

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