Impersonating Law Enforcement

Posted on September 24, 2010

Ilario Pantano presents New Hanover Co. Sheriff Deputy Badge

On April 16, 2010, at a Republican debate in Bladen County, Ilario Pantano was asked if he was employed with the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Department because he was claiming that was his job.  To prove that he was a law enforcement officer, Pantano quickly had someone go to his vehicle and retrieve his badge.

The only problem is he was on “Inactive Status” since February 2, 2007, and he should have returned his badge and any other identification to the sheriff’s department at that time.

Maybe Pantano was impersonating a law enforcement officer because he hasn’t held a job in over three years now.  To hear confirmation that Pantano does NOT and has NOT worked for him since 2007, listen to The Big Talker’s Joe Catenacci interview Sheriff McMahon below.