Above the Law

Posted on September 24, 2010

Photo courtesy of Rob Moody

Ilario Pantano parks in the fire lane at Porter's Neck Post Office

If you’ve ever needed to go to the Post Office for a quick errand, chances are you’ve been frustrated when trying to find a parking spot.  If you’re Ilario Pantano, however, the rules don’t seem to apply.  Check out this story and picture from journalist Rob Moody who had a chance encounter with Ilario, his Toyota Prius and the fire lane at a post office in Porter’s Neck.


“I was on my way to Figure 8 Island to take my boat out, and I stopped at Jersey Mike’s in Porter’s Neck.  They have a post office in the shopping center between Jersey Mike’s and Food Lion.”

“I saw [Pantano] pull up as I was walking out, said to myself ‘You can’t be serious,’ saw Pantano park, get out and walk toward the post office doors.  I said out loud, ‘Seriously?!'”

“He looked at me and walked right in. His car stayed there for ten to fifteen minutes.   “ –  Rob Moody, former journalist for CNN, WECT, WWAY, and Fox News


On the surface, this is just an illegal parking job that endangers the safety of all inside if a fire or emergency were to occur.  However, what does this say about the character of the man who wants to be our next congressman? Does he not think the law applies to him?